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less than what you have seen the last couple of mornings. 60s and 70s, a lot of upper 70s and a few lower 80s, but this low sitting under -- low is sitting under a big dome of pressure. also for us this low has chewed up the fog and inland temperatures have cooled down after we get rid of those patchy low clouds it is a chilly morning though. the forecast models are not in sink, they are today and tomorrow we will have a cool down taking us into sunday as well, pam. >> thank you steve. 4:37 is the time, cutting back the action by employees they are canceling hundreds of american airlines flights. >>> plus the reason it could take awhile to open a new contra costa station, and warning about brown rice, the dangerous chemical it is said to contain. >>> traffic is moving way passed mission boulevard and we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up. s you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out. . >>> well these contra costa fire department are using money to reopen fire stations b
which is in his 70s and we recovered the second gentleman which is in his 30s. both these guys were a father and son duo that do this trip often go up the coast toward canada. >> reporter: now the older man was suffering from hyperthermia. both victims were okay. how did crews locate the plane so quickly? it's something every pilot should have. coming up we'll tell you what it was and how if they didn't have they may not have survived. >>> 7-eleven employee killed inside the store and the give upman is still on -- and the gunman is still on the loose. the store clerk was pronounced dead at the scene. his name has not been released. anyone with information is asked to call milpitas police. >>> it was two years ago today that a natural gas pipeline exploded into a fire ball in san bruno changing lives forever. last night people living in the city marked the second anniversary of the disaster with two separate memorials. the first was held at san bruno city pack to reveal a plaque with the names of the eight people killed. the mayor hopes the tragedy will lead to important safety measu
. highs today, 50s 60s and 70s and very low #0 dollars here. -- low 80s here today. and it will continue to control our weather until friday. it high blood pressure breezy in the debt it. 50s and 60s and 70s and i will tell you our temperature trend is to come down to wednesday, a slight warmup, not a biggy but then a cooler pattern on sunday and monday. >>> some are surprised about the gender of the community -- but now one community can honor them. >>> why mitt romney wants the entire video released. . >>> good morning, strong gust of breeze, coast might get a little bit of sun but it's not very warm, 50s and 60s. >>> in elections, mitt romney tells wealthy campaign donors that americans are victims who need government support. >> they believe they are victims and they believe the government has the responsibility to take care of them... >> mitt romney also said his job is not to worry about those people and he will never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. it was taken at a fundraising dinner and his comments were taken off the cuff. >> we
to go for the viewing of endeavour around 9:15-9:30. 43 napa. i do believe we will see other 40s popping up. north bay we will get upper 30s and 40s. there is still a component of a sea breeze. temperatures inland will start to come up. 60s, 70s, and now 80s popping up. low to mid 80s. doesn't take long to warm up. low that has been giving us all this fog is finally moving right there. it's way up there. it looks like it will move down into northern california. probably in the northern sacramento valley. sunny and warmer today after patchy fog here. kind of cool in the morning. forecasted highs even the coast will get in on the sunshine and 60s. still though it's more of an inland warmup today. mid to upper 80s. few locations will be in the upper 70s and low 80s that have been stuck in the 60s or 70s. mostly sunny. does look like a windy pattern develops. temperatures going up a little bit and down some. >> all right, thank you. >>> unthinkable crime. >> i don't know. it's just i'm just appalled. >> how the people mourning the death of a sebastopol teenager became victims themselves. >>>
in pleasant hill claudine wong channel 2 news. >>> continuing coverage of the unrest in the middle east as u.s. officials are bracing for more anti-american protests today. demonstrations continue in egypt. riot police are still using tear gas to keep large crowds from advancing. egypt's health ministry says hundreds of people have been hurt. including police officers. and in yemen protestors breached the security wall at the u.s. embassy there. demonstrators also took to the streets in iraq. meantime libyan officials have announced the arrest of four people in connection with the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. it killed chris stevens and three other americans. u.s. warships are heading to the coast of libya. a group of marines has also been deployed. >>> we are learning more about the three other americans killed in libya. two of them were navy seals. 41-year-old tyrone woods and former seal glen dorothy was on detail at the consulate. and shawn smith was also killed. an elderly american held hostage by al qaeda issued a new plea. this one has the potential to shake up the presiden
off of mexico actually. and now a lot of this is high based but certainly a possibility of that. 50s in temperatures, antioch 60. low 50s, mid-50s. the cloud cover along with low clouds and high clouds. a descent sea breeze there. as a stronger component of that the combination will give as cooler pattern. tough to see that, there is a low doing that today and tomorrow. so we will have to deal with that. again there could be showers and maybe inland could pop up. but low and high clouds, cooler. partly cloudy that should say or partly clouds. forecast high 60 to 90, most temperatures starting to come down, 60s, 70s, 80s and 80s to near 90 but that will do that but we will throw in a possibility of that. most of it would be east and south of us i believe but it is close. then things start to clear out a little bit on friday. the weekend looks nice, just calm, night morning fog then sunny and mild, pam. >> thank you, steve. >>> 4:38 is the time. the police chief talked to ktvu about the deadly police shooting. only on 2 -- >> -- actions? >> absolutely. >> the reason he says his officer
, still foggy out there. >> you are right, long the coastline fog over santa rosa, visibility down to 3/4s of a mile so the fog is back in your neighborhood. we are looking at a decent onshore breeze, actually ramping up. still weak through the delta but got that marine layer thicker, the delta breeze stronger, and that is going to again equal a bit of a cool down for your afternoon. >>> 48 in napa, 49 santa rosa, most of us within a few degrees of what we had yesterday. 60 degrees livermore, upper 50s san jose, mid-50s around redwood city, low 50s san francisco as well as oakland, 54 in concord and livermore 60 degrees. as we get outside mostly clear skies for most of us. we again do have that marine layer shooting across the bare over near oakland low clouds along the coastline and fog developing there. so for today in a nutshell mostly sunny skies, numbers come down 3 to 5 degrees, the onshore breeze strengthing, 15 to 20 miles per hour in some cases, 25 some some of our windier prone spots. giving you a look at the afternoon highs, 80 degrees petaluma, 82 san rafael, 75 oakland, low 90
of another attack at a u.s. embassy. they stormed the u.s. compound in the capital of yemen. there are reports they took down the u.s. flag and burned it. we are learning the u.s. flag was burned in germany after they smelled a strange smell from an envelope. >>> two destroyers are being called in as a precautionary measure. this is in response to the attack on those who killed a man and three members of his staff. the bodies of the four people killed in libya are now in germany before and coming home to the u.s. >>> u.s. investigators are looking into whether the attack in libya was a terrorist attack to mark the anniversary of september 11th. they are anger by the same anti- muslim video that is reportedly at the reason for the attack in yemen. president barack obama will find those responsible and said, quote, justice will be done. >>> christopher steve develops has been serving in yell men since -- yemen since may. they lit candles for him in 1982 and alumni shared their memories. earlier we spoke to them and one said he spoke to stevens before he left for libya. >> ther
consulate. alex savidge joins us from uc berkeley with more. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. ambassador to libya that was killed in that attack grew up here in northern california. he graduated from uc berkeley back in 1982. after that he received a degree from uc hastings college of law. according to libyan officials chris stevens and three other embassy employees were killed in an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. shooting employees and set fire to the building as well. they are all angry over a viral video that mocks mohammed. he went to the consulate and was trying to evacuate staff members. this is after the building came after attack. now at this point this morning, the state department is not confirming that stevens has been killed. but they are not giving many details on that particular attack. only saying one person was killed in the attack. waiting for more details throughout the morning. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now just a short time ago, president obama released a statement it says in part quote i strongly condemn the outrainous attack on our di
talking about? it's in the 60s. coast today will stay about the same. there is a little bit of a fog out there. inland temps will come down. saw travis west at 21. so some morning clouds, fog. it will be a little cooler and breezy. mid 50s for others. there is a little component of a sea breeze. you can't see it here because i didn't plug it in. there is our system -- where did it go? drops in behind that high pressure. i think we will get a little northerly breeze on the coast. still, we start off with morning fog. the system moved into sierra nevada. slightly caller morning fog a west wind. forecasted highs though if you are well inland they can be well or not. temperatures though it looks like a real quiet week. maybe an offshore breeze coming in. >>> thank you. 4:president is the time -- 4:39 right now. what researchers discovered could lead to better treatment for patients in the future. >>> emmy goes to homeland. >> it was a big night in hollywood as the stars came out for the 64th annual emmy awards. we'll show you who took home some of the top awards. >>> good morning traffic on
the bike in the road and stopped their cars to block the scene until the police arrived. the man in his 60s died of his injuries and police learned alcohol was involved. >>> chp officers will be with the body of officer young stromb. they escorted him to a procession he was shot and killed by a driver he helped to pull over in alamo. a funeral will be held on thursday morning in the missing church in vacaville. several thousand people showed up to an under ground graffiti show over the weekend. the owner invited graffiti artests are to one last show. when sop people didn't make it inside, they got angry and started tagging businesses. >> it was really sad to see all of the damage to so many of the pulleddings. >> it will take about a -- about $3,000 in paint and labor to fix it. >> police are increasing patrols after a 15-year-old girl reported a man tried to kidnap her. police say it happened last week when she was walking home. a man pulled up alongside her and she fought her way free and escaped unharmed. authorities have not disclosed the name of the street where it happened but police
to get the northeast wind, but the coast will warm up. 40s and 50s, but there's a big difference here. 59 in antioch and 61 in livermore. yesterday at this time, it was about 8. so it picked up. yesterday they were calm. still low spinning out there, keeping that fog going. it better be behind this right there, but that's what the forecast models say. they're having a difficult time. it will be warm away from the coast, fog, sun, there's thick morning fog and the hazy sunshine inland. 60s to 90s. pacifica 90, believe it or not that's down 10. san jose 74. getting warmer on saturday. it looks sunny side up into especially next week. >> thank you, steve. >>> under arrest, the charges facing the man believed to be behind the antimuslim video that sparked worldwide protest. >> and what scientists suspected for a long time, the stunning discovery on mars by the curiosity rover. >> traffic looks pretty good heading down to the 580 interchange. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. o' welcome back. time 4:42. after losing his job, a minneapolis man went on a killing rampage. he returned
one favoring there, so that, 50s there, and those are your temperatures in those areas. pretty good show in the sierra nevada and also in the mother load, for us though the clouds are increasing, and probably that but still leave it in there for one more day, anytime you have that it can do that, so a possibility of that mainly south but also east more so than just that. warmer inland, more showers today, showers, possible thunder showers, we are not out of the woods yet. temperatures there, but by the coast low clouds still so not much change there but i think with that it will do that. very cool readings, fog back then but it does look like pam, there but then kind of a ho- hum. >> ho-hum. thank you steve. >>> that is the time. drug and child endangerment charges the sad new twist involving the scandal involving her. >>> plus the lawsuit over its hiring practices. >> here is highway 4 at the pittsburgh area, traffic moving nicely. we will take a look at other bay area roads coming up. >>> good morning, well mostly clear. i mean there is a lot of low clouds out there. inland there
. 79 san jose. 60s on the coast. expect for santa cruz they will be a little warmer. no big changes. a little bump up early next week. pam. >>> thank you. another dust from the han that virus. >>> new information about the problems plaguing oakland's police radio system. >>> a look at highway 24 shows traffic moving well. i also survived uterine and ovarian cancers. i even wrote a play about that. maybe you are just cancer-ish, and then it'll pass. before cancer, i took my health entirely for granted, like air. but my symptoms -- pain in my abdomen, and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me -- related to menopause, i thought. but no. i had cancer. and treatment. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer, be brave. go to the doctor. ask questions. the odds are, you don't have cancer. but find out for sure. ovarian and uterine cancers are gynecologic cancers. signs and symptoms are not the same for everyone. allen: now i'm feeling healthy and happy and hopeful. i am so lucky. i got sick, and then i got better. >>> good morning. there is some fog. mainly up to
group says it's targeting u.s. bank today. yesterday the same group targeted wells fargo's website. the bank says the cyber attacked caused some problems but customer information was not compromised. last week the group disrupted service on the bank of america and chase website. and today cyber attacks against u.s. bank is set to start at 7:30 this morning our time. the group says it will continue until a video they say insults the prophet muhammad is removed from the internet. >>> iranian president speaks today at the u.n. general assembly in new york. some leaders are planning to boycott the speech. he accused the u.s. of bullying and domination and also said a new world order needs to be established. president obama addressed the assembly yesterday and said time is running out for iran to settle dispute over its nuclear program. >>> two political heavy weights are added to the list of people upset over that controversial referee call. coming up in nine minutes the impact of the fofootball game o the presidential race. >>> now 4:36. the chp is investigating a frightening rolling
polls shows it leads mitt romney in virginia. >>> u.s. soldiers all around the world are taking a break. coming up, special training they will have to participate instead as the military tries to curb a disturbing trend. >> soming up, the regular referees are coming back. the agreement includes a retirement plan and regular officials will begin with tonight's game between cleveland and baltimore after replacement referees blue a call between seattle seahawks and green bay packers. now while one is resolved, the other continues. the nhl lock out could last for months. they have set up a negotiating meeting and it relies on hockey for their business. and they reported up to a 50% jump in business on game nights. >>> now 4:35, let's check in with sal with for a look at traffic. >>> if you are off to a doesn't start, -- decent start, now is the time to do it. you can see traffic here looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and no major problems if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, at the bay bridge toll plaza. they were doing work in this area near the 580 mcarthur change an
nine of. we'll see that -- 9:00, we'll see that sun appear, and low 70s in cielito, and 79 san leandro, up over the hills, into the south bay, warming up 90 degrees morgan hill, santa cruz along the pen innocence for the second half of the day. tampa bay today will be the warmest day. low 60s at the defendant then he we will continue a cooling trend, pam? >> they continue their little league series from their little league home. >> this is the best in the who whole world. >> the players and could he haves wave to the crowd and i could barely see it at most small businesses. >> in petaluma, crowds just got bigger and bigger. a pet lumina, they did come in third for photo from the parade, go to www.ktvu.com and click on a photos stab a full event has been warn dollars this and the 26 students who are prompted a campus wide a art . >>> plus, coming up, what is driving up the price of gas, stay tuned for more. cçrrú . >>> welcome back, new documents show michael jackson's concert promoters were seriously worried about his health. there were 52 e-mails on the, this is it tour they describ
and it looks like a lot of low 50s and temperatures seem to be running a little bit warm, temperatures are trying to circle the wagons and again we might see it lift a little bit to the north and see it settle right over in southern california. maybe next week one of our forecast models will be there not much -- but youp you have to be warmer. it does look wanter, 4:39 is the time after a violent week of protests. the actions that may add more fuel to the fire coming up. >>> and a muslim bakery may be making a come back, they may be trying to resurrect the former troubled organization. >>> we will have more on weather and traffic straight ahead. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out. . >>> good morning, it is pretty cool out there, napa airport 67 and a couple of lower 80s. >>> riot police are protecting a french magazine that published a nude mohammed. he banned protests against the publisher telling protesters to take their complaints to the courts. now the magazine was called charlie
. >>> towards the bay it was in the 60s and the city never got over 60 degrees incredible and inland temperatures start to come in, just to the west it will continue through mid-week and the question is what happened beyond. we could feel warmer weather or we could get a few splash and dash showers. 53 livermore and southwest 2 is and 10 -- 21 and 10 at vacaville. almost everybody is showing some component by the beaches. the little system is working its way and it will be cooler on the coast and there is no sign of any north, northeast wind. even some areas that are far, 66 in oakland and cooler at least wednesday and it does like i went a little warmer but i may amend that later on, pam. >>> it has been one year since 11 people were killed at a crash at the reno race. a special tribute was held the affect it could have on businesses if the sharks done play this season. @p@po' . >>> good morning lane temperatures are -- inland temperatures coming down and it is warmer over by the coast. >>> police say hundreds of people burned cars and threw rocks at military camps. they are outrage
that led to four death. the president is also expected to say that the u.s. is united with israel in preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon. romney is accusing obama of minimizing the death of the ambassador as a bump in the road. the criticism comes when the president says in the 60 minutes interview that, quote, there are going to be bumps in the road because, you know, in a lot of these places the one organizing principal has been islam. barbara lee will hold a voters event, one of being sell by the congressional black caucus. the events are in response to the efforts in at least 34 states to introduce laws that would require voters to show photo id to vote. they say it would adversely affect the ed derly, as well -- elderly, as well as other minorities. >>> a bill signed by governor brown will allow californias to vote off of election day. the measures becomes law january 1 but will be delayed until the secretary of state sets up a state wade database which could -- wide database which could take a while. >>> each unit would be very small, and the building code is co
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